Tim Bim

WHV, Inc. recognized the value of pre-planning our HVAC jobs long ago. Our planning department has been using building information modeling through CAD drawings to coordinate our work with other trades. Both in 2-D and 3-D format, a building information model brings increased value and a better product to our customers for many years. This coordination has allowed us to discover and remediate potential same plane collisions between ductwork and plumbing pipe for example, in the pre-planning stages, and avoid having to re-route work that might have already been in place. Building information modeling not only delivers a superior job for our customers, it also helps the other trades on our jobs be more successful and deliver a better job for our customers.

WHV, Inc. is committed to being the leader in our local industry in job planning and delivering exceptional value to our customers. We are capable of modeling HVAC CAD drawings and other trades drawings in 3-D and 2-D today. We are staying current in BIM training and pledge to stay current in our abilities to work with architects, engineers and general contractors using BIM technology on their projects.