WHV, Inc. is a one call/one vendor service for all your buildings’ needs. We sell, install, and service all major brands and manufacturers’ plumbing and piping products. Plumbing and piping are fundamental components of every HVAC designing and building project.

When it comes to HVAC piping, our engineers design our custom HVAC systems so that the project contains the very best HVAC plumbing solution for the project. WHV Piping and Plumbing department strives to build long lasting relationships and proudly stands behind our work to ensure the confidence of our customers.

Pre-construction design and budgeting:

  • WHV provides design engineering services for all your plumbing or piping needs that meets local, state, and federal code requirements.
  • Engineered plumbing and piping designs allow us to provide accurate budget cost for your project without missing the details or added cost.

Below is list of systems and installations WHV performs but is not limited too:

Plumbing & Piping Systems
  • PVC

  • CPVC

  • PEX

  • Cast Iron

  • Copper

  • Threaded

  • Grooved

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Welded

  • Pro Press

  • Mega Press

  • Polypropylene

  • HDPE

Construction Piping System Installation
  • Plumbing DWV & Domestic Water

  • Storm Drain

  • Acid Waste

  • Steam & Condensate

  • Gas

  • Hydronics (Chilled & Hot Water)

  • Process

  • Compressed Air

  • Medical Gas

  • Catch Basin/Trench Drains

  • Water Reclamation

  • Greasy Waste

  • Grease Interceptor

  • Brine Production

  • Radiant In-Floor Heating

  • Snowmelt

Commercial/Industrial Services
  • Backflow Preventor (RPZ) Testing, Repair, Replacement & Installation

  • Medical Gas Equipment Service, Replacement & Installation

  • Sewer Camera Services

  • Domestic Water Heater Replacement, Sizing & Installation

  • Boiler Sizing, Replacement & Installation

  • Cooling Tower Replacement & Installation

  • Chiller Replacement & Installation

  • Chemical Treatment Installation

  • Glycol Replacement

  • Roof Drain Replacement & Installation

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • Emergency Eyewash