“The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.”

-Peter Drucker

A customer’s memory of what a product or service accomplished for them is short lived. How it made them feel endures. A gratifying experience always trumps functionality alone.

To fulfill a customer’s need requires knowing what the customer is in need of. It is far better if we are aware of their need before they are. To perform this task, a visionary is not required; only clear vision: the ability to see without the self-imposed distortion of our own bias, prejudice and self-interest. If we can see the “brutal facts” of the customer’s reality, then common sense and innovative thinking will lead us to what is needed next.

Our goal then is to be aware of our customer’s need before they are aware and to offer a solution that is a gratifying experience.

There is no shortcut, no silver bullet, no permanent solution. The solution is as complex as the human beings we serve. Yet its elements are not beyond comprehension either. We know the basics. A gratifying experience requires a solution that is:

  • timely
  • with transactional efficiency and no bother
  • aesthetically pleasing

  • functionally reliable

  • functionally capable

  • with depth of support as needed

  • priced within the threshold of fairness and delivered with respect

“If you think satisfying customers is expensive… consider not satisfying them.”