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WHV Roofing Service Department is focused on reducing costly roofing repairs and preventing premature roof replacements.


Preventative maintenance programs will extend the life of a roof by anywhere from 15% to 75%. With replacement costs averaging over $10 a square foot; roof maintenance can average the costs of 2 to 4 cents per square foot and is very cost effective.

That is why WHV Roofing Service Department offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements.  These agreements include regular roof inspections, detailed reports with photos, budgets, and priority emergency leak response.  We tailor each program around each client’s needs and budgets.

Although most roofs don’t last through their design life, with regular inspections and scheduled maintenance, you can beat the odds and have your roof last well beyond its expected life cycle.

The most important step in the care and maintenance of your roof is understanding its current condition!  Proactive inspections are the key to identifying defects and problems in their early stages, before they cause costly damage.  From that inspection, we can design a maintenance program specifically for you and that will significantly extend the life of your roof.

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspectors each have over 20 years’ experience inspecting roofs.

Contact our Roofing Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, Tracy Riedemann, directly at 507-458-5924.


It is cost effective and very simple! (PLAN, BUDGET, MANAGE, & OPTIMIZE)


  • Make preventative repairs before emergency repairs or reroofing occurs; most cost effective option. Emergency leak costs are substantially lowered.

  • Prevent roof warranties from being voided

  • Integrity and longevity of the roof is established.

  • Less internal damage including processes, inventories, and employee lost time to allow your maximum profits.

  • Reducing structural problems.

  • Budget control: Budgets can be established and maintained.

  • Reducing wastes and returns on your investments.

  • Established relationship with your roofing contractor so YOUR time can be managed with more appropriate issues.

  • Owner can maintain green issues by controlling amount of debris going to the landfill.


  • A roof inspection is completed on an annual or bi-annual basis, due to the age, condition, leak issues on your roof, and owner preferences.

  • The result of the roof inspection issues will be plotted, recommendations in a report form with photos will keep you abreast of your roof conditions, and any needed repairs are priced or budgeted for the future for your review and approval.

  • Budgets can be established and maintained allowing your time management to be best applied in other areas.

Contact our Roofing Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, Tracy Riedemann, directly
at 507-458-5924.


WHV Inc.’s roofing department provides quality commercial roofing installations. No matter the size of the project, WHV’s roofing team can get the job done.

WHV can install and service the following:

  • Carlisle Roofing
  • Duro-Last
  • Sarnafil
  • McElroy Metal Roofing
  • Ludowici Roof Tile

WHV is Certified by NSF to manufacture and install custom products for your Food Service or Medical Service needs. Click here to learn more about NSF.

WHV is the leader in our community in Green Building and LEED practices.

NSF Certification
NEEB Certification
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

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